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Congrats to Starrfish Dancers Jay, Bella, & Carly for their amazing performance in the "Be A Little Angel" Music Video by Mista Cookie Jar!!

     Dance is an exciting and positive way for you and your family to stay healthy mentally, spiritually, and physically while increasing your energy levels and self esteem! Starrfish Dance Academy™ in Marina Del Rey California offers dance classes for all dancers from infants with their loved ones to adult cardio dance fitness! We look forward to dancing with you soon. 

Fun, unique, and exciting dance classes available in Marina Del Rey!!  

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We are currently not enrolling new students or offering classes during 2019 Summer Session.  Subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to receive updates when we release our new class schedule!  


About Starrfish Dance Academy™

     Starrfish Dance Academy℠ is a creativity and passion based dance school that has been providing kids' dance classes and adult dance fitness classes for the Marina Del Rey community since 2015.  From our Babyjam!™ class for baby and loved one to our adult Cardio Hip Hop & Jazz Classes, SDA has a class for you!  Our community dance classes cater to students, families, and adults of all ages that would like to learn to dance in a non-competitive, unexploited, encouraging, and creative class environment at Marina Del Rey's favorite place to spend time..... at the beach! Dancers at Starrfish Dance Academy™ are given the opportunity to explore the history of dance, as well as core movements of jazz, jazz funk, and hip hop styles.  While dancing with us you will increase your fitness & strength, explore freestyle dance, build more self confidence, and acquire the ability to execute a variety of technical dance movements & steps, as well as learn choreographed combinations too!! With our new, Pacific Sunset Movement Cardio Dance Hip Hop & Jazz Sessions (ages 16+), you can enjoy the beautiful Southern California sunset on the water while you flow away with the movements in class creating a sense of euphoria.    

Dance Classes In Marina Del Rey, CA

Classes Location 

Mother's Beach
4135 Admiralty Way
Marina Del Rey, CA 
Classes take place on Mother's Beach in between the volleyball courts & playground.  You will see a Starrfish Dance Academy Sign and table in on the beach and your instructor will be there to greet you! 

Recommended Parking

Parking Lot #11 
14145 Panay Way 
Marina Del Rey, CA 
This parking lot is located next to the Cheesecake Factory MDR restaurant and parking area.  There is a small fee (typically <$3 for parking) at this lot.  Please note this public parking lot operated by the L.A. County  Dept. of Beaches & Harbors and this parking lot is not operated by our company.  Park at your own risk.  
Or Keep It Cali, Keep It Green.....
Walk, ride your bike, take the bus, or ride a Lime! 

Parking Lot #11 on Panay

Our Class Area 

The Walkway To Our Class Area

 Our Class Area

The hottest new dance fitness class in L.A.

has finally arrived!

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